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'Analog robots' is a workshop at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne organized by Andreas Henrich (Professor), Pascal Glissmann (Küwi) and Martina Höfflin (Küwi). Guests are Christian Faubel ( derstrudel ), Sebastian Noth ( derstrudel ) and Amy Franceschini ( Futurefarmers ).




Robotlab | Websites
robotlab arbeitet mit Industrierobotern im oeffentlichen Raum und setzt sich im Rahmen von Experimentierstationen, Performances und Installationen mit Mensch-Maschine-Beziehungen auseinander. Webseite mit den Projekten und einer gut sortierten Linkliste.
Martina Höfflin

Metropolis | Movies
Fritz Lang:
The robot looking like Maria is probably the first in movie history.
Martina Höfflin

Alarm im Weltall / Forbidden Planet | Movies
Fred McLead,1956:
Ein amerikanischer Astronaut findet im Jahre 2200 auf einem fernen, technisch fortschrittlichen Planeten einen dort gestrandeten wahnsinnigen Wissenschaftler, dessen Gedanken zerstörerische Wirkung haben.
Roboter "Robbie" erfüllt alle Wünsche bis zu Kleidern mit Diamanten und wird so zum besten Freund der Tochter und aller Frauen.
KHM-Bibliothek: VID TV 0397
Martina Höfflin

Fiend without a Face | Movies
Arthur Crabtree, 1958:
A scientist's thoughts materialize as an army of invisible brain-shaped monsters who terrorize an American military base in this nightmarish chiller.
KHM-Bibliothek: DVD V 0267
Martina Höfflin

It came from outer space | Movies
Jack Arnold, 1953:
Amateur astronomer John and his fiancee Ellen are stargazing in the desert when a spaceship bursts from the sky and crashes to the ground. A mysterious creature emerges and disappears into the darkness and uses the humans for his needs...
KHM-Bibliothek: DVD V 0190
Martina Höfflin

Future World | Movies
Richard T Heffron, 1976:
Two reporters have to cover the opening of Future World, its new series of super robots and the restricted red control room. Again there seems to be something terribly and mysteriously wrong in the high tech vacation resort.
Martina Höfflin

The day the earth stood still | Movies
Robert Wise, 1951:
A scacecraft lands in Washington D.C. and an alien emerges, flanked by a menacing robot with destructiv capabilites far beyond their imagination.
KHM-Bibliothek: VID V 0043
Martina Höfflin

Robot Stories | Movies
Set in the near future, "Robot Stories" tells stories of human beings struggling to connect with each other in a world of mechanical office workers and robot babies.
Pascal Glissmann

Mobile Roboter | Books
Jens und Uwe Altenburg:
Vom einfachen Experiment zur Künstlichen Intelligenz ca. 250 Seiten, mit CD-ROM, dritte Auflage! Med C.5.3 - 64
Martina Höfflin

Muscle Wires Project Book | Books
Roger Gilbertson:
A Hands-on Guide to Amzing Robotic Muscles that Shorten when Electrically Powered
Grossformat, Softcover, englisch, 128 Seiten, incl. Muscle Wires Sample Kit
Martina Höfflin

The Robot Builder's Bonanza | Books
Gordon McComb:
99 inexpensive Robotics Projects
326 Seiten, 23,42 EUR
Martina Höfflin

Cyborg, the man-machine | Books
Marie o'Mahony:
Artificial Intelligence, implants, robots, clones, genetic engineering - will these bring the next leap forward in human evolution?
A nicely illustrated book with lots of examples from the different fields of movies, books, history, art, fashion...
KHM-Bibliothek: -
Martina Höfflin

Living Dolls | Books
Gaby Wood:
a magical history of the quest for mechanical life
Martina Höfflin

Devices of Wonder | Books
Barbara Maria Stafford, Frances Terpak:
From the World in a Box to Images on a Screen
ISBN: 08923659
Martina Höfflin

Die Herrschaft der Mechanisierung / Mechanization takes command | Books
Sigfried Giedion:
ASIN: 0393004899
KUN B.9.2 - 3
Martina Höfflin

Vehicles: Experiments in Synthetic Psychology | Books
Valentino Braitenberg:
Preis: EUR 16,82
ISBN: 0262521121
Martina Höfflin

Robo Sapiens | Books
Peter Menzel, Faith D' Alusio:
ISBN: 0262632454
Martina Höfflin

Die Geschöpfe des Prometheus | Books
Drux, Rudolf, 1994: KUN C.8-5
Martina Höfflin

Automatenwelten - Freizeitzeugen des Jahrhunderts | Books
Wilhelm Hornbostel, Nils Jockel, Prestel Verlag
Ein kulturgeschichtlicher Überblick über das "selbsthätige" Jahrhundert der Münzautomaten mit sehr vielen farbigen und schwarz-weißen Fotografien und kurzen Texten.
KHM-Bibliothek: KUN H.6.4-3
Martina Höfflin

Der Türke | Books
Tom Standage
Die Geschichte des ersten Schachautomaten und seiner abenteuerlichen Reise um die Welt.
KHM-Bibliothek: Noch nicht katalogisiert
Martina Höfflin

Maschinen Phantasien | Books
div. Autoren
Zur Kulturgeschichte des Mensch-Maschine-Verhältnisses.
KHM-Bibliothek: KUN B.9.2 17
Martina Höfflin

Kraftwerk - Man, Machine and Music | Books
Pascal Bussy
Biography of the german band Kraftwerk
KHM-Bibliothek: KUN N.8 57(2)
Martina Höfflin

Kraftwerk - Ich war ein Roboter | Books
Wolfgang Flür
Wolfgang Flür läßt in diesem persönlichen Rückblick auf seine Kraftwerk-Jahre alle Höhen und Tiefen mit Fotos und Texten Revue passieren.
KHM-Bibliothek: KUN N.8 32
Martina Höfflin

The Robot in the Garden | Books
Ken Goldberg
Telerobotics and Telepistemology in the Age of the Internet
KHM-Bibliothek: MED C.5.3 61
Martina Höfflin

Behavior-Based Robotics | Books
Ronald C. Arkin
An introduction to the principles, design and practice of intelligen behavior-based autonomous robotic systems based on biological and psychological models.
KHM-Bibliothek: MED C.5.3 66
Martina Höfflin

Christian Faubel und Sebastian Noth (derstrudel) | Persons is the preliminary name of this domain. the strudel is a cake that was probably invented in austria. we do not want to do further investigation on this topic. the cacke has nothing to do with the contents of this site. instead we present digital and analog experiments on these pages. derstrudel digital and analog experiments, is an enterprise, with until now two participating |persons . we understand ourselfs as scientists, our motivation is driven by curiousity, a desire for knowledge and for playing. as we are financing ourselfs more or less on our own, the duration of the enterprise is limited and unknown. in a certain way the enterprise itself is an experiment.
Pascal Glissmann

Amy Franceschini (Futurefarmers) | Persons

Futurefarmers is a New Media construct specializing in creative investigation and development of new work. Through collaboration, we explore the relationship of concept and creative process between interdisciplinary artists. History: In 1995, Futurefarmers was formed by Amy Franceschini. The studio has gained international acclaim for its uniquely evocative visual style and fresh approach to design. Equally comfortable in new and traditional media, Futurefarmers has completed distinctive print and electronic assignments for clients including Adobe, Swatch, Hewlett Packard, Levi's, Autodesk, Nike, LucasFilm, Wired, Frogdesign, NEC and MSNBC. Most recently, Josh On has joined Futurefarmers for the long haul. Josh came to Futurefarmers in 1998 as an AIR, from the Royal College of Art in London. During his residency he worked with us on Lucasfilm's Episode I project and CROP UP for the Remedi Project. He has come to San Francisco to help us continue the vison of the studio. Most recently he completed They Rule, a corporate toy for futurefarmers.
In 1998, Sascha Merg joined Futurefarmers to work on Lucasfilm's Episode I projects. It was one of his biggest dreams to live in San Francisco, since he felt this place on one of his holidays, he always wanted to come back.Sascha spent 2 years with . Aligned in dreams, sas21 and Futurefarmers work together on select projects.
Pascal Glissmann

Martina Höfflin | Persons
Artsitic and Academic Stuff at the Academy of Media Arts, Cologne
Pascal Glissmann

Pascal Glissmann | Persons
Artsitic and Academic Stuff at the Academy of Media Arts, Cologne
Pascal Glissmann

Andreas Henrich | Persons
Professor at the Academy of Media Arts, Cologne
Pascal Glissmann

Friday, 27. June | Schedule
10 Uhr Thema Student
Finishing designing and experimenting.
Robot testing, watching, adoring.
Barbecue and Drinks
Pascal Glissmann

Thursday, 26. June | Schedule
10 Uhr Thema Student
Soldering, Designing, Experimenting
Movie 1: Westworld
Movie 2: Futureworld
Pascal Glissmann

Wednesday, 25. June | Schedule
10 Uhr Thema Student
Soldering, Designing, Experimenting
Movie: Fiend without a face
Pascal Glissmann

Tuesday, 24. June | Schedule
10.00 Uhr Thema Student
(Vortrag UDK)
Movie1: Japanischer Super8 Film mit KingKong-Roboter und Gozilla
Movie2: Tetsuo
Pascal Glissmann

Westworld | Movies
Michael Chrichton:
Science Fiction Movie about a holiday park with human looking robots which you can shoot and fuck.
Martina Höfflin

Monday 23. June | Schedule
analog - digital
'derstrudel' (Christian Faubel und Sebastian Noth)
Early automata - the whole idea of fiction within technology
Amy Franceschini (futurefarmers)
Brief overview of history and design of analog robots
Martina Höfflin, Pascal Glissmann (Academy of Media Arts)
Introduction in electronics, soldering, screwing, ...
workplace setup.
Movie: It came from outer space.
Pascal Glissmann

robotic bugs | Websites
Tilden has created an army of lifelike robotic bugs that use transistors, rather than computers, to control their actions. The result of his work is a hot new toy line from Hasbro's WowWee Toys called B.I.O.-Bugs.
Pascal Glissmann

BEAM | Websites
Usage of minimalist electronics - Recycle & Reuse components out of technoscrap - combined with Solar power.
Pascal Glissmann

BEAM | Websites
Usage of minimalist electronics - Recycle & Reuse components out of technoscrap - combined with Solar power.
Pascal Glissmann